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2023-2024 academic year academic calendar: dates

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A vibrant, high-quality private bilingual school accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization IBO

provide 15-year consistent bilingual education from kindergarten to high school

  • 2008year


  • 20000

    land area

  • 64+

    chinese teacher

  • 17+

    foreign teacher team

  • 10+

    nationality of teachers and students

  • 25people

    small class lecture

Zhangjiagang Liangfeng International School

Relying on the strong strength of Liangfeng Senior High School in Jiangsu Province, a century-old school, inherit the high-quality Liangfeng education brand, and keep up with the pace of international development, continue to explore, grow and grow, and provide a comprehensive, innovative and international foundation for Chinese families Education, exploring the integration and innovation model in a bilingual environment.

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Teacher team

our teaching team consists of 64 Chinese teachers and 17 foreign teachers

mission and vision

Integrate the essence of Eastern and Western culture, gather the essence of traditional modern thought

cultivate self-confident and internationally minded life-long learners who are not restricted by gender, character or ability, all have equal opportunities to explore their strengths and interests

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Alumni say

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